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Goa India is on an Ayurveda trip. Behind every road bend is a board promising you an Ayurvedic massage. But if you want a legitimate experience, stick to the big hotel spas or recommended centres.

Ayurveda in Goa India comes in the avatar of a holiday pastime and is a much abbreviated version of a complete system of medicine, said to be atleast 5,000 years old.

Most places in Goa India will offer at least the five therapies below, most popular with the intrepid health tourist.



If you have never tried Ayurveda before, and are a little skeptical start with this. You will lie on one of these wooden massage tables imported from Kerala, said to be made of the antiseptic neem wood, while a gentle stream of oil pours continuously on your forehead from a funnel-like pot hanging on a pole. Usually, herbal oil is used and if your spa or health centre is truly dedicated, it will be a mixture of oil, milk, butter Ė all medicated. Amrital Kerala Ayurvedic prescribes Shirodhara for 40 minutes daily for 7 to 21 days for chronic insomnia, memory loss, headaches and tension. As a one-off, you will come out smiling soporifically, convinced of the oneness of the universe.


Linen strips dipped in lukewarm medicated oil will be applied all over your body, by two to four therapists in a rhythmic manner for about 45 to 90 minutes, depending on your needs and the dedication of your doctor. As a treatment, it is supposed to benefit arthritis, paralysis, hemiplegia, nervous disorders and sexual weakness. As a one-off, itís very invigorating and great after a tough gym workout.



A full-body oil massage, where strokes vary with the personís needs, it is said to be good for dislodging stubborn body fat. It is also good for diabetic gangrene, which arises due to lack of circulation in the extremities.



Poultices of fresh herbs or powders are dipped into oil and the body is hit gently with that bundle. Good for aches and pains, arthritis and sport injuries.



Also known as powder massage, where herbal powders are rhythmically massaged onto the body. It is preferred mostly by foreigners who are not used to too much oil. On the medical side, it is good for skin diseases, impaired circulation and obesity.

All these treatments are followed by a warm bath or a sauna, in whichever spa you choose.


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